Sunday, August 23, 2015


Unlike Joni Mitchell's Sunny Sunday song, my day has been MUCH BETTER!! This morning, I picked Paul up for church and like the pact we have made, I had a load from the house to take over. Whenever he comes to my house or I come to his, we take a load from my house to his. One day this married couple will live together!!

Coming along!!! Everything will be done by next weekend.

Anywho, this morning when I picked Paul up, he took my hand and said "I'm sorry". Oh  man... WHAT??

"I came off as not wanting you to go and see John's mom last night. I couldn't stop thinking about that and I want you to know that I am fine with you going. I was a little jealous for a while, and realized that is how I pushed you away. I totally trust you and I really DON'T  mind if you go and see her. Will you do me one favor? " I said yes "don't go to Pittsburgh with him after your visit" hahahahahahaahaha omgosh. I was relieved because I really want to go and see her. I think I'll go this week. Maybe around 5. I am sure her caregiver will be gone and John doesn't get home from work til 6, if memory serves me. I don't want to be confronted or even think about anyone but Mrs JJ.

GREAT day at church. Doesnt get ANY BETTER than The Gate.

Had a little fight with my grandson today. He is so SPONTANEOUS and not in a good way. He wants a dog. Badly. NOW. So he sent me a picture of    
her. Cute enough. "Is that Bella" I asked him. No, but this is the dog I WANT. Now. "Well, number one no husky's. They are too high maintenance and not good with smaller animals, of which we already have 5. " "Why"... my LEAST favorite response. "I am going to be the one with her all day and when you go out, and when you go away for weekends, and I am not going to walk that dog an hour a day" . "She is going to be MINE". OMGosh!!!! Kids!!   "Okay, then. Get a place, and get a Husky". "You don't have to do anything, I will keep her locked in my room all day". "Not on my new 500 carpeting" "I'll  keep her in a crate"   "You WILL NOT keep a dog locked in a crate for 9 hours a day while we go on making noise and living downstairs"  "Why"... I am ready to kill myself and by now want to say "Ask Grandpa" but FUCK THAT. When that dog is too dang big to go through the doggy door, WHO is going to have to take her out 40 times a day? Not Grandpa! He doesn't want a dog. "No." my final answer. "BUT WHY, THIS IS THE DOG I WANT AND I WANT A HUSKY NOW" ... goodbye. My usually normal 20something grandson just turned into a ranting 2 year old with a ME attitude and frankly. I have to stand my ground because I will spend the rest of my life complaining about a fucking dog that I have to take care of. They are RUNNERS, they jump fences, they do not like little animals. They are destructive and frankly, at 57, you can move out and get a damn husky. "She is only 300 to have delivered" "WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT"  "the fee, to deliver her" "does she have shots and spayed for 300 bucks" "No".... can i hang myself RIGHT NOW!!    "B. The next week after I move in, only 3 short weeks, we will take that 300 that you 'have' to spend on a dog and go to Angles, or Legacy or Roses Rescue and the Pound and LOOK. Take our time, pray about it, ask The Lord to bring the best dog He has to our family". "BUT"  "1. you are not getting a dog without me being there. Grandpa does not WANT a dog, so its on ME BUDDY. 2. you cant jump at every cute baby you see. 3. NO HUSKY'S OR HIGH MAINTENANCE DOGS." silence... I was a pushover for years. I was pushed too many time by assholes. Now I AM THAT asshole.

An hour I will never get back...

Saw some interesting things on FB today.

Missing my parents horribly today. 

I am grateful for a good man that Loves me.


 I was bragging about my cousin's son Gabriel. The most amazing man I know. Gabriel was a bratty troublemaker who of course, Krista ( my pseudo daughter) and Sheila ( My tomboy niece ) ADORED. When he was in CA, we traveled to see him. I just love this kid. From a crazy little kid to an amazing young man, husband, business owner, husband, uncle... He is truly my hero!!

Hunts all the time. Even introduced my nieces to hunting. Of which Sheila has become quite astute.

Gabe and his beautiful wife at the Marines Ball

Sails. Competition. Fun.

So proud of him.

Gabe and his sis

Went on a sailing weekend with their yacht club.

Captain of the Lake Michigan Volleyball league .

amazing chef

At home in Chi Town

Marathon Runner

Fisherman AND excellent photographer.

and gun owner.

LOVES to spoil my nieces. Took them all Christmas shopping and PAID for everything they bought. 

Amazing son and grandson!

All out of town Buco Family Members may find this video to be a helpful Pittsburgh dialect refresher.

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And a little ditty I stole from JJs page!!

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