Sunday, August 9, 2015

Another weekend has come to an end... What a weekend its been. Saturday morning we loaded up the truck and the car with boxes and pots and pans and glasses and stuff. Then we had to unload it all. I am going to try and get rid of most of what's left via a yard sale in September. Loading and unloading will be easier  next month when I get my brother and a few nieces to help. I am going to try and take a load a day over, but not tomorrow. Its my designated 'my time' day.   I kind of  need that. I treasure my alone time, and pretty soon, that will be no more. So, I make sure I have at least one day a week by myself. 

The fence was finished today. Its just a fence, nothing fancy shmancy, but now I can start taking the dogs over when I go so they can get accustom to the new doggy door and deck and when to 'go'. Slowly but surely. I have been working on them 'just in case' things weren't done when we moved back, so they have really been doing good when they have to go outside. I have been shutting the back door when we go to bed at night and putting pee pads down. Now they hold it til morning, if they can. Spikey has to go out more often than the girls and  he has been waking me up to let him out. What a relief. 

Almost took a little drive to Struthers to treat myself to a Brier Hill Pizza and visit my buddy Duane, but I would have to 'detour' and I would get caught and then I would be rather embarrassed !!! So, I just came straight  home after church and stayed here. 

Well, its time for me to shut down for the night. Somedays, even when I spend them alone, are very emotional for me. Today was one of them. Someday I hope to be at peace with myself. 

Enjoy your Monday!


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