Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Ten Thought Tuesdays:

  1. Well, the lease was signed and miss Miami Heat is ready to move into her Miami Beach condo the day she graduates from college. I wish I could be more excited!! BUT I guess we will be vacationing in the  fall!!
  2. I have a closer relationship with my 4 nieces than many do with their children. The last niece graduates next year and will be doing HER grad school studies at The University of Sydney. Yep. Australia. I'll have to save for that visit!!
  3. KIA Sorrento, Ford Escape, JEEP Compass... decisions decisions decisions.
  4. Phantoms game this weekend.
  5. Sunday in Pittsburgh, weather permitting.
  6. I wish we could start unloading things from my house to my house ;)  All that remodel makes for veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy limited space.
  7. Sat outside on the porch with my neighbor last night. It was so beautiful out. I am going to miss our long talks.
  8. Picking up my ring next month. I am getting more excited by the day.
  9. The best thing about doing all of this right, is that there is anticipation, there is excitement, there are jitters and dating and remaining pure. There is love feelings again, and butterflies. Heart palpations. Laughing and crying. Talking and forgiveness. Abstinence and anticipation. Its like we are finally getting it right. Its what we should have done in the first place.
  10. Things are becoming so much more than I ever thought they would / could be. Thank You Lord.

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