Friday, March 13, 2015

Today has been rather uneventful, as days go. I had a slow start today since I was up all night with 3 sick dogs. Boy, they are like children when one gets something, they all get something. Ugh. But anyway, two of the three seem to be getting on, Spikey, unfortunately is older and takes a little while to spring back. So we seemed to have moved from the bed to the couch for the day ! I tried to go to the basement to get that finished packing, but Grace cried the entire time I was down there. They win. Spikey has been sleeping back here in the computer room most all of the day.

We were supposed to go and get lamps, well, look at lamps at Home Depot today. I want to do 3 hanging lamps in the back part of the kitchen. We changed our plans to tomorrow. Its funny, the carpet is done. I kind of knew that I would be satisfied buying it from Empire. We got a few estimates and when Empire got there I knew, from being married to an Empire guy, that if I said “no, I want to still shop around” enough times, they would come even a little under what we budgeted to pay. Thanks Todd, for teaching me how easy it is to dick around with Empire salesmen!!!

Tomorrow we have several things to do, and I am hoping to get them all done in the afternoon. Paul wanted to start out early, but getting up with this new medicine seems to be an issue with me. And, if we work it just right, we can beat the crowds at The Boulevard. I also need to get Grace's medicine and a few groceries. This is a bitch having to use my little stipend of an income to grocery shop, too. Losing food assistance has hurt me terribly. Next week I am going to try and get to a food give away. One of the churches out in Salem has one. I don't want to ask anyone for help but 16. a month isn't getting me very far. Thankfully I make my own dog food, and my soup making skills aren't so bad, but DANG what I wouldn't do for beef or pork!!! Hahahaha, who ever thinks about what you are eating, until you aren't eating it anymore!!

There was a shooting down the street last night. When the police were called, they spotted the shooter and were on a high speed chase all over the South Side. I watched all the news stations ( all of them, they are all one, technically owned by one place ) read the paper and scoured the internet and not one thing about the incident. I guess when there are shootings over this way, its not news!!

Well, I am going to head over to Facebook and play some bejeweled then call it an early night. Have a great weekend!!

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