Friday, March 20, 2015

13 On Thursday... a little late.

Thirteen on Thursday

  1. Today has been rather boring. I didn't even pack. Laundry and … well, that about sums it up!
  2. The last couple of weeks in the Vindicator, there have been so many deaths under 60 that it is almost frightening.
  3. The kitchen should be done by Sunday. I can't say I am disappointed about that!
  4. Looking forward to lunch with my sis on Saturday. She is doing a seminar so we will meet at the house for lunch.
  5. Did you ever question yourself. I shouldn't. Divorce from no 1 was needed at the time. Dating and another marriage proved to be fatal, and although the only person I dated after no. 2 was almost perfect, it all led back to where I am now. Which I trust is the right thing to do. No, I KNOW its the right thing. Nothing else was blessed. This one most def is.
  6. I started this yesterday, on Thursday, but couldn't continue, but I am okay today, and can actually say how proud I am of my niece, getting the job in Miami, going out on her own and taking on the world right after graduation! Its very hard, but I couldn't be more proud.
  7. I was told by a person one time that there was no way I could love my nieces like they were my children. Wrong
  8. Had 2 of Spikey's lumps biopsied the other day. Waiting waiting waiting.
  9. Got my tickets for the Cali wedding!! I cannot wait to hang with old friends.
  10. The kitchen should be done Sunday!! I have to get the kitchen knobs and hinges. Huge kitchen, 48 knobs. oy.
  11. I need my lawn guy to come and make the back yard presentable for future house lookers. Looks like crap. It was easier in the snow!!
  12. Twelve! Thank God
  13. I am getting too old for Thirteen on Thursday. No memory anymore.


  1. I certainly think you could love your nieces like they were your own. I love my nephews and my niece like they were my own.

    Did you link up with the New Thursday Thirteen? It's at

    1. My oldest graduates college in May, and goes straight to Miami, where she will be working for The Heat!

      I'll link to the new 13! I have been doing it since 2005 from an old blog Yahoo 360.