Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Ten Thought Tuesdays:

1.    3 cars drove by the house and into either mine or Pete’s driveway looking at the house.

2.    This is up there with one of the hardest things I ever have done, selling my home and sharing my life with another…again.

3.    I bet we have spent 1000 dollars at Home Depot this past week. So thankful we aren’t using credit cards to do this.

4.    Today I finally went in and took a look at what was going on in the kitchen. WOW. I wanted to wait, but I couldn’t stand it. Removing one set of cupboards makes the kitchen look 4 times bigger! And that house has a HUGE kitchen.

5.    Spikey got up and ran around today!! Nothing makes me happier than to see this. My lovebug.

6.    In and out all day long and did I get ANYTHING I needed for dog treats? That answer will be no.

7.    Going to Jamba Juice for breakfast Friday morning. If my sis doesn’t have to work. I can hardly remember where Kilkawley (sp) is let alone where to park! Fridays are quiet at YSU, so I am sure there is street parking.

8.    I miss my folks. Some days more than others, but I am working on a plan for their ashes. I am purchasing 2 biodegradable pots, filling the bottoms with each of their ashes. Then soil, then Black Eyed Susan plants and planting them on the side near the garage. They will bloom beautifully there, and the ashes won’t be in any danger of getting knocked over.

9.    My tumtum hurts so much these days. The vertigo is back in FULL SWING and its hard to get things straight. And it messes with my stomach.

10.Havent done a TTT in quite awhile. Glad I am back at it. J


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