Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday Sunday…

        What a great day today was. I have to say that my ex and I are having great fun together. Today after church we went and did a little shopping, then came back here to check on Casey. My second dog to have seizures. We sat around a bit and then we went to see Gone Girl. Oh my gosh! What a great great show!!! Some of the sex scenes were a little embarrassing , to say the least, but it was one of those shows that has you on the edge of your chair the whole time. Then afterwards we took a nice drive and spent a great afternoon together.

          The other night I was praying about ‘stuff’. I am an idiot when it comes to things such as ‘what to do what to do’. I get these mixed messages from John, and I’ll always have a thing for Jake, but now… Anyways. After praying I had the most intense dream I have ever had (and being on neuropathy meds, I have A LOT of intense dreams). When I woke up, I realized that I am good, right where I am. Then there was a little/big incident yesterday, and it all leads me to believe that I am good, just the way I am.  Thank you Lord, for without Your answers, I would get lost in myself.

          Tomorrow I have to get my appointments set up for the month with PT, that I hate, if I haven’t mentioned that, and set something up for a little upcoming event. I am so excited about going to ATL this month. To say I need to step back, and not have any worries for 3 days is an understatement. I have the pet sitter lined up, paid for and a key made for her. Check! I bought a book for some entertainment at our family party Saturday night. Since everyone in my immediate family has spent some time, born, raised or lived for a period of time here, the book should be fun for all of us. I am working on some pictures to take and I have an extra battery for my camera, because, well, my facebook and Photobucket will be filled with memories. My aunt and uncle are 88 and 90 now. I know we don’t have much more time with them. That breaks my heart. I had an aunt and uncle, by marriage, that I just fell in love with the day I met them! He has since passed and I am told she has Alzheimer’s pretty badly. I wish I could keep them all healthy and alive. Aunt Peggy and Uncle Paul.    My aunt and uncle are Aunt Ann, and Uncle Casey. I spent all of my child hood with them, and they know me better than my parents did. (I have this ‘sin’… that I carry with me, and Aunt Ann has been there for me both when it was discovered, and when it was dealt with, so she keeps that in her heart …)

          Well, I am going to go and eat my spectacular dinner I have simmering on the stove. Islay’s bbq chipped ham and cottage cheese. See how far I can get before the dogs realize I am having dinner! They have been out running in the yard and loving the cold since I have been home.  Have a great evening.


                  Mair J

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