Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sunday STealiNgs

October 11, 2014

[Random Questions]

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Let's go!!!

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  [Random Questions] 

Who were you with yesterday?
Friday, I wasn't with anyone. I had PT then came home.
 What woke you up this morning?
As everyday, the paper guy.
 Where are you?
At home, in the computer room.
 Is tomorrow going to be a good day?
Yep. Church. All my nieces will be here together and my new dog arrives! Purdy.
What’s on your mind RIGHT NOW?
My garage door spring broke. So $$$$
Do you listen to music every day?
 Are you a fast typer?
64 wpm
 Whats your favorite type of soda?
Have you ever won an award?
Yes, 2 cooking awards when I was in high school
 Are you listening to music right now?
Yep. Kenny is on in the bedroom
  How long ’till your birthday?
oh, didn't you know? I don't celebrate those anymore ;)
  Do you use ebay to buy or sell?
I am banned from ebay. My ex never paid the bill that he created under my account, so I cant use it until I clean up his 335.00 mess.
 Who makes you mad?
 What do you do when you’re mad?
I used to cry. Sometimes, I still do. Mostly now, I shut down.
  Do certain songs make you cry?
of course
 Are you usually a happy person?
happy? not always. content, all the time. joyful, because I am a Christian. Life can throw some big huge things at you, so no... not always happy. Joyful, because I can rest in Him.
  What makes you the happiest?
on the 4th of every month, all of my bills are paid.
 Do you believe in yourself?
I would have to honestly say no. I would like you all to believe that I have it together, but... I have this one sin that could bring me down if I let it. Something I have to fight on a daily basis.


  1. Which Kenny? Chesney? I've always liked his music, but I'm really liking his revamped sound.

    Love your answer about happiness, sister!

    1. Chesney. I am holding out for him for the next Mr Mary ;)

  2. Replies
    1. looking back, it was! the kids tormented me endlessly though.

  3. eBay got mad at me because I changed my phone number. I got ticked off that they were giving it out to people and calling me all the time.

  4. We all have our sins and ghosts.

  5. Your ex should be behind barbed wire. And yes, as CountryDew said, "We all have our sins and ghosts". Forgiving yourself is not only acceptable it is advised by our faith. The baggage can get pretty rancid sitting inside your heart, stewing away.