Thursday, September 11, 2014

Mixed Bag.

  Today was a pretty good day, except for a bout of loneliness. That happens to me sometimes. I wish it would stop!! I had a great day at Physical Therapy. My guy is great, so encouraging and pretty easy on the eyes, if I may say so myself. All the Therapists are so encouraging. My chiropractor, who I miss so much since this surgery, directed this place to me, and I am so glad.  
    After lunch, I drove over to Austintown to visit my girlfriend Deb. She is one of my dearest friends from high school. Her and 'the other' Deb had the kennel. I used to see them every day, but its rare now. But I don't think so. Since I am not doing anything with my time, I need to get our friendship back on track!! Her and Deb and my other girlfriend from school, Kath and I do dinner a couple of times a month, but one on one time just reassures me of how much I miss her.  It was a great day.
     I went to the grocery store while over in A-town, and this huge sense of wanting someone in my life came over me. Maybe its because I am with Paul so much, that I hate it when we are apart, or maybe its just because I was having a moment, but , well, if you are single, you know how that gets to feel after awhile.  While shopping I ran into someone that looked so familiar to me. After stalking this poor girl, I had to ask if she was my stepdaughter from another mother. And it was. There was a huge falling out back in the 90s with her mom and Paul, and ... it was ugly. Her mom turned her against her dad and she was maybe 8, then. We hugged, and talked for a good while and hugged somemore. She said "please tell my dad I said hello". I am so not going to be friends with her, because her mom seemed to be quite a problem with Paul and I. When I told him tonight he was nice about it, but so much was said, and it truly broke him. I said "I almost was afraid to talk to her because I love what we have now, and I cannot imagine your second wife even coming Near YOU." He said that nothing will ever become he and I again, if he has anything to do with it. That was nice to hear. Anywho, I came home and unloaded the groceries and watched the boob tube.
     Tomorrow, 2 doctor appointments, then another day with the cable guy here. Whatever they did with all those new devices they put on the television has messed up my cable and my internet. This will be the 3rd visit!

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