Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sunday Stealing

Bonus Questions Meme

Friday 5: Bonus Questions

  1. What’s your favorite frozen treat on a stick? ~ Banana popsicles
  2. What’s your favorite lollipop? ~ ew
  3. When you passed notes during class in high school, who was mostly often the recipient? ~ Kathy or Debbie
  4. Who among your high school friends was the first to get his or her own car? ~ none of us had our own cars. We all (six of us) hung out together or with our boyfriends. 
  5. Who’s the black sheep in your family? ~ baaaa that would be me.
  6. Who’s the family historian? ~ used to be my dad, then it was me, now... it no one
  7. What was the last thing you sprayed from a spray bottle? ~ Clorox Clean up
  8. What was the last thing you sprayed from an aerosol can? ~ scrubbing bubbles
  9. When did you last make reservations for something? ~ I face booked my girl that does my hair to see what time she was working tomorrow... 
  10. What’s your next upcoming appointment? ~ tomorrow. haircut. 1230
  11. What store’s departure from your preferred shopping mall most saddened you? ~whats a mall??? Seriously... mall questions, I haven't been in years.
  12. What’s good to eat at your preferred shopping mall?
  13. What services (as opposed to goods) do you pay for at your preferred shopping mall?
  14. What’s a store you’ve never been inside at your preferred shopping mall?
  15. What kind of store would you most welcome in your preferred shopping mall?
  16. What did you most recently purchase at an office supply store? ~ stickers for my dog biscuit bags.
  17. What did you most recently purchase at a book store? ...
  18. What did you most recently purchase at a drugstore? ~ drugs
  19. What did you most recently purchase at a convenience store? ~ water
  20. What did you most recently purchase at a thrift shop? ...


  1. OMG it cracks me up that you skipped all the mall questions. LOL I'm right there with ya on the mall crap. Really? Lame.

  2. I don't do malls very often either.

    1. I have very humble means. I think if I were rich I wouldn't love malls either!

  3. Ha! Drugs at a drug they still sell those there??

  4. I live int he sticks and there aren't a lot of shopping choices, so the mall is really about it.

    1. When I was younger it was ALL ABOUT THE MALL when everything from downtown moved to the mall. Now, idk, I hate even regular shopping anymore!!

  5. I still go to the mall but more to hang out with my kids for something to do, like the Mall of America. I run to a closer mall to Sephora for my favorite moisturizer.

  6. I read from today, Thursday, down through all, and was enchanted. Thank you for blogging! From the Sunday Stealing crowd. Blessings to you...

    1. I love to blog, now if I could figure a way to make a living at it!!! ;)