Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Happy Wednesday!!

I haven’t been here in a while, for a variety of reasons, the biggest one is I have been busy with life. Baking, watching John’s mom on occasion, dealing with some puppy issues etc… But I hate not blogging. I can figure out most of my life’s thoughts by blogging. Sunday morning I woke up and had some thoughts and didn’t jot them down, and I obsessed over them all day long, and when I got home from church I started forgetting…then dinner with my family and the whole entire thought got away from me. Then I get kind of a ‘block’ and until I can recover from it, I can’t seem to blog. Weird, and really, who cares??
       Last night was crazy here at The Frichtel Ranch. The thunderstorms and lightning scared even Spikey, who could really sleep through anything. Then they had to wake me up to tell me they were afraid… J  So we all cuddled til I fell back asleep and they did whatever they did til 7 am.   When I went to the back today I almost died from the mess the back yard was. Tree branches down, furniture all over the patio… why lightning couldn’t strike the huge tree is beyond me. Probably because, as we figured it out last year, the tree would fall onto the neighbors deck and pool, and the pool is brand new. I was thinking if it fell on the house I could just have that back room removed and have a huge patio!!! But, no such luck.
       Well tomorrow is the big day!  I finally walk across the stage to get my degree. I am really excited for BEFORE the walk. About 19-25 of us are meeting at the MVR for lunch. The school isn’t doing anything for us, so we are doing for ourselves. I am so excited to just sit and be with my precious friends again. To have a drink or 3 and break bread together, they are amazing and I am honored to share the afternoon with them. A couple of my favorite teachers are coming as well. I have grown very fond of everyone I have spent the past 2 years with, teachers included.
       I think I have 2 epileptic dogs. Casey did a foam thing the other day. Next week I am going to take them all in (on a day that I can get help with them). Grace has to have her liver levels checked. It’s been 6 months since her last blood donation. She had a seizure again the other night… a bad one. I don’t want them to up her phenobarbital, but I want her checked. And Casey. And Spikey has a growth on his nose. It’s been there since he was a baby, but I notice it growing in the past few months. So, probably next week we will be invading the Vet’s office.

       Well, I think I’ll get off the computer and go press my gown. Looking forward to spending the day tomorrow with family and friends. J

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