Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ten Thought Tuesdays
  1. If you pray, please pray for my unspoken request. Its a matter of life, and death.
  2. I now have strep throat and a huge ear infection. Cant go back to work/school til Friday. BUT MY BOSS says that since I am not contagious after 24 hours, I can work on Thursday if I want. I WANT! I love my job.
  3. So much pain in the last few days that my ex and I have talked about remarrying so I can be on his insurance. But, I can't. I really REALLY like my friend John. I can't blow this. He is going to look into adding me as a domestic partner.
  4. No work or school tomorrow so I think I am going to start getting things ready for my house to be done. The valances for the dining room arrived today. As soon as he is done Brenden and I are going to hang them. I need some professional advice about the corners, but the woman on Mkt Street wants PAID to answer one question.
  5. Do I throw out 100 cds or keep them. I hate them sitting around the house but I know as soon as I toss them, I am going to miss one or five.
  6. Casey, Grace and Spike love their new sitters. What a relief, and Grace will even take her meds for them. I have 2 trips in October and it makes me feel good that they like them. xo
  7. What a nice night we had the other night. Had a little bbq with two of the neighbors. Its so nice to have great relationships with them. Too bad I had to hold back for a year. But a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.
  8. Just got off the phone with my sister. Had to fill her in on some bad news. That is never easy. Lord, please intervene. Soon.
  9. ANOTHER divorce in the family. These Damn Frichtels!!!
  10. Well, here's 10.  already? 

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