Sunday, September 1, 2013

sunday. thats all I got.

  • as i sat and listened to the Kenny...Please come to Boston song, my tears just flow. I remember when David Loggins first sang that song. I was just 17, but I remember thinking that I would be the one always singing please come to me. Then life went on and really, that song never popped in my mind. This morning while doing my devotions, my neighbor had the radio on while they were tearing down the pool and the Kenny version came on. Oh boy. It was like the first time I had heard it, and it was Kenny (who I love but not as much this version as the Loggins one). I LOVE this song. I love every hidden meaning and every unspoken word. Its so much bigger than just the words that are sung, its kind of heartbreaking. He wants so bad to have love. He actually longs for it, BEGS for it if you will. If you turn the 'California life alone is just too hard to take' into any town, it is too hard to take. In fact, its down right the most lonely thing in the world. BUT... even though he wants love, he won't go to it, and he sings knowing she won't come to him either. I feel that in my soul. I THINK so much that I want it. I get lonely and sad, but when it comes right down to it... I don't budge. My ex husband told me the other night that he would like for me and the kids to move in. I could selll the house and have my home back on WWR which I LOVE, but I 'm not willing to pay the price.I am not willing to give up my alone ness.... for anything. I would remarry for the insurance, but I can't Come To Boston. 
  • this visitor from Russia is freaking me out. who the hell could not know me yet have so much interest in what I have to say. I have to really be careful of the pictures I post, which is sad because I love my girls and the little ones ... but creepers freak me out. Yes, Russia, YOU freak me out. Google, can you check this out?
  • The back yard clean up is almost complete. Its weird, doing it in the fall... but I want to have everything beautiful for my party. 
  • I missed church today. It hurts my heart. I need it. Dang allergy pills. 
  • I think I have to do some changing on my Facebook as well. Its public and well, I don't want stalker to have the ability to stalk that. Its a shame. 
  • Well, I am going to go and work on my homework. I can't wait til February !!!

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