Sunday, September 22, 2013

its a sunday sundae sun-day

  • Okay, I lied. I don't have a sundae , and there is no 'sun' today. I feel disappointed in some people, but I 'll survive. That's the evil eye up there... hahaha.
  • its a weird day today. it brightened up very nicely when my friend came over. he is so precious and sweet. I've decided that my biker guy is not for me. He is terrific , to say the least, but for the last couple of months I have had my eye on John, and now HE has HIS eye on me. I don't know why, but I am SO NOT complaining. He is so polite and he mows my lawn and he calls me honey and even dear and he opens my doors and he takes care of his mom and he is such a great dad to his sons and ... well, he brought me flowers today. We just got back from dinner and left to relieve his oldest son from watching his mom. his son has the sweetest wife and they have 2 little boys and .... am I babbling? probably. I am afraid to say 'my boyfriend' because I don't want to blow it! And if I have a boyfriend, how will he feel about Paul and Billy? him and Jacob are friends so both of them I have no worries about. My worries are about me. NO, I cannot say 'boyfriend'... and we haven't changed our facebook status!! hahahahaha. Look at me up there... I never understand what anyone sees in me. But I am glad I am not invisible. Anymore.
  • watching people take things that belonged to my mom was hard. it was actually heartbreaking. I wanted to say STOP, I changed my mind. But I didn't and I KNOW she is still with me and I know that those 'things' were only things. But they were a part of her, part of who she was and what she loved. I will forgive myself, and she will come to me in my sleep and forgive me. Look at that picture. I look exactly like my mom. For that I am grateful.
  • I wanted to share some pictures...


  • I think my girl is so beautiful!! She has a heart of gold and we were instant friends the moment we met!!
  • I think I am going to hit it. I am tired, tired of the computer and in need of some serious BRAVO TIME


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