Monday, September 2, 2013

I have been up since 7 am, working in the yard and trying to figure out what the 'hippie lawn guy' is looking for. He has been passed the house about ten times in the past few days. I bought another lock, because the one I had back there is gone. I don't have a lot back there, but I do have the grill and the fire pit. And a ton of chairs and that crappy table. I am worried. I called the detective at Boardman Police and, unfortunately, driving by the house isn't a crime. But its on record now.
I have so many biscuit orders for this week, and a cheesecake and an anniversary cake. That'll pay for my haircut and my tattoos. I am not feeling like baking today, still sticky but not as much, but 3 orders are for tomorrow so I think I'll be hanging around the house today. Brenden will be here painting and my new lawn guys will be here soon, and they can help me with the trash.
Please, if you are not close to me, or close to me anymore, stop reading shit into my blogs. People who know me understand that much of what I write, are thoughts and feelings and truly, if you aren't in my life, especially by your own choice, its not really any of your business if they are thoughts, or plans or dreams or 'scratching's'. This is my canvas to do with it what I please. Your texts about how YOU feel about what I write, pretty much have no place in my life. This is MY place, no follow up texts needed.
I am having a Donation Sale in a few weeks. As I sat and wept in my mom's room yesterday, I just cant throw out much of her things. So, I am going to have a sale. Everything that is unnecessary in my life, in my home, in my view, is going to be sold and money donated to an organization that saves 'mom dogs' and their pups and any 'street dogs' that are rescued and need medical attention. Then, once the stuff is outside, I'll have no problem trashing it at the end of the sale. I love you mom and dad. It will be donated in your honor.


  1. I had people reading my blog and just basically said - this is MY blog. it's MY life. They are MY thoughts. If you don't like it - leave! Find something else to read..
    Good luck with your sale, and think it's a great idea to donate the proceeds.
    Weird hippy dude sounds like a Sketchy McSketch. Ew..

    1. I look on that feedit and see this Russian federation a million times a day. What the heck? Hopefully mentioning Google will bring them to look at it.
      I 'think' outloud on here. Whenever my ex sees something questionable (to him) he texts me... sorry honey, you made a choice 3 years ago to walk out of my life. The day you got on the plane you lost your right to have an opinion.
      Yeah, I had this guy he was a great lawn guy, but ... idk after 2 years he really got SKETCHY MCSKETCHY!!!