Saturday, September 28, 2013

Add a caption. I have no caption to add....

All at once, fall was here.
As I sit here trying to focus on homework, I listen. Outside I hear laughter in the back yard. Nothing in the world makes my 'kids' happier than having someone in the back yard throwing balls and Frisbees at them. I can hear them panting and running back to drop off the ball and go running again. The little one, Casey always tries to get the toys off the others and she 'whines' when she doesn't get her way. I can't let Grace play too much because when she gets panting too heavily a seizure is sure to follow. She has been doing good on her meds though. Its funny, when she gets too excited she comes and lays on the rug on the patio. Spikey, well as long as you are HERE he loves you. Phoebe is laying on the whatever that wooden thing is in the back. Former play thing... she loves it up there. Its like her little apartment.
A few of the neighbors are mowing their yards, and someone is cutting down some trees. Kids laughing in the streets as they race from New England to Rush. People out decorating and a few raking up what little leaves have fallen. I can smell the pumpkin coffee brewing up in the kitchen and apple cranberry crisp in the oven. The birds are happy I filled all the feeders early this morning and I can hear them singing and chirping. Fall.
Homework. Lots and lots of it. When does it end. When can I say.. I M THROUGH? Well, chances are good to awesome its not going to be today, or tomorrow. Tomorrow is special for me. Sunday mornings with church then breakfast. I have a big decision to make and hopefully i'll be ready tomorrow.
3 more days for this treatment and I will be through. It messes with my head. I have crazy dreams when I am able to sleep. I shake uncontrollably for about a half and hour, but my doctor said I have to have it. Sometimes I wish I hadn't opened my mouth about what was going on, but Monday morning will be the last of it. Hopefully nothing will return and I can get back to my fairly odd self again. I feel much better, and I have noticed such a change in my mood and my feelings. And others have too. I think I'm going to have a little fire in the back tonight, invite a few over for some appetizers and hot chocolate. One of my newer friends from school had some alcohol probz in her younger days, and hasn't drank for many years. So I don't serve it here anymore.
Made some decisions for around the house. I'll be doing away with Cable and my home phone. I am going to have another tree cut back or down in the back yard and I have some plants I grew in a bucket that need transplanted. So its time for some more beatification. I love my home. Thank You Lord and Mom and Dad. Thank you.
Well back to the books.
5 more months.

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