Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Thoughts on The Morning After...

sometimes a hard lesson to learn, but I have loved silence my entire life.
Getting ready to go back to school. kind of our good bye for awhile dinner.
my friend Billy brings me coffee every class. I am really enjoying our time together, and kind of miss him when we aren't.
somedays.... hahaha
Meet my children. Spikey (top), Grace (center), Casey. This is what I see everytime I walk up the stairs!
And, they give kisses then, too. See my yellow kitchen wall!! I'm not revealing the
update til its done.
My first husband. Yep he looks old and raggedy, but he is the ONE MAN who I believe has really changed. The only man
I spent 25 years with. We had our times, but now, we have great times. Thank You Lord.
dang those were good!
I adore her.
and her!!!
I only have red meat maybe twice a month. Meatballs included. But when I do, its always at Longhorn.
Aren't they something else... <3 font="">
I love Rita! We have so much fun together!! She teaches at the school.
you can put those boots........ eh, nevermind
hard ass!!!!! hahahaha
my therapy
dinner at Chili's . I don't do that wraps, just the stuffing
That was my problem with marriage no. 2. I thought I really found it right away. But, I didn't. I just WANTED it.
Two different things all together. Lessons learned. You don't find love over the internet, you can't be in love in a month,
single sites and IM and Skype only make you feel like you have fallen in love faster, and you haven't. It has to grow. Thankfully, the people in my life weren't 'found', they were here all along.
best decision I've made in a long time.
and Kenny's not singing about banging or whores or bitches... its all in what you love
things have changed in my life, a lot. this is my new sweetener. along with all the different foods I have discarded and replaced with Whole Foods products. Again, its all in what you love.

I woke up today with a smile on my face. You know, sometimes life gets crazy complicated. But I realized today, that all you really need is true love. No not that true love. Family. I feel for the people that seek love from other places and have a family that they don't even understand, or know for that matter. As we all sat at dinner last night, laughing and sharing our love of laughter, Bri put her arm around me and her head on my shoulder and said "I am so happy that you are my aunt. I love you so much." To be honest, nothing makes me happier. As we were getting on the bike, Sheila came over and hugged me and said "Ill stop over tomorrow after I get my nails done to say goodbye again". My sis reminded her of all the things she had to do after her nails and said maybe its best of they come over to our house... Sheila said ''nothing is more important that seeing 'MantMawee' before I go". 

I love them so much. They loved the fun/weird/ inspiring gifts that I gave them at dinner, and I am on a mission to turn my entire family to Himalayan Pink Salt and so everyone got a gift of that last night!! Anywho, my morning after dinner began with a text from my 'girls' and my sis thanking me for being who I am to them. I cried. I truly love my family, and I would do anything for them. They know that.
If you have a family. A regular normal one (WHAT IS THAT??) or a crazy bunch of nuts that just love each other unconditionally, treasure them. In the end... they are really the only ones that matter.

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