Tuesday, August 20, 2013

~ ten thought tuesday ~

August 20, 2013 at 9:28pm


  1. I have to start changing things. TONIGHT. I'd like to say tomorrow, but its tonight. I've been letting SOMETHING take over me, idk if its losing my mom or being lonesome or WHAT , but tonight's the night...its gonna be alright ;) CHANGING.
  2. I am seriously goingt to miss Mr Byrne. First Mr. Bell, Then Mr. Gibbs, now Mr. Byrne... Just when you get comfortable and good with them. I know that you know when its time to move on, but I'm the student, you know!! Best of luck to you. You will be missed. You are all missed.
  3. 10 week terms are too fast for me. i know the school doesn't care, but I want to LEARN, and I'm 'winging it' so much of the time.
  4. I am so excited for my fall party. I want my school/work/friends all to meet. I have the greatest friends.
  5. My neighbor's pool caved in. Today he was working under his deck trying to do something with the electricity, I assume, and he looked over thru my dining room window and he stood up and cracked his head and a piece of metal knocked him in the face and he layed there and screamed MOTHER-F*&^ER!!! I was going to run out and see if he was alright and I thought that his wife was probably the one that should do that. When she ran out he said 'why am i the only one that does shit around here'... i am so glad I didn't run outside!
  6. I am starting to finally love my new bed. Its hard getting adjusted to a queen after years of a king, and 3 dogs and a cat in bed, but I got 3 beds today and they LOVE them, so  i am going to put them on the floor in the bedroom tonight and see if they prefer the beds to the bed. baby steps...
  7. I am very proud of how my power point looks for english. I wonder if I can use that for all 3 of my classes.... shhhhhhh
  8. I made a HUGE mistake yesterday. I bought peanut butter Oreo's. OH-MY-GOSH!!!!!!!!!!! I only allow myself one a day. I had my one already. My mind keeps wandering to the kitchen counter... NOPE NOT TONIGHT.
  9. I have adored this summer. Its been so awesome. The time with people I love, the weather, oh but i am ready for fall.
  10. I wonder why people hardly ever do TTT anymore. OH, I better do some 'catch-up' on my Photo Challenge. August is almost over!! (facebook only)

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