Sunday, August 4, 2013


so I get this in my email today. each one, very true.
  1. after a few years of sadness...I have made peace with my past. I've even made peace with the hurt YOU caused. I can forgive AND forget, but, screw me once...
  2. yep. and so why does my sender continue to worry about it.
  4. I have come to love my 'journey'. I also know who will be there for me through thick and thin and when I need them. When you walk away from me, eventually I'll be alright, but I know when I'm jilted and I know when you did your own thing, that MY journey... you couldn't handle it.
  5. And reading GFJF ... makes you think too much.
  6. And, when you take and mutilate someone else's heart, and break break the rule.
  7. HAPPY... and content, and loving your own self. That peace, brings that smile.

All I can say is SERIOUSLY, YOU WALK OUT ON ME AND DESTROY 6 YEARS OF MARRIAGE AND ANY TRUST THERE WAS LEFT... and YOU are going to give me a list of RULES? re think that one. Please don't judge, or comment on anything you may read or read INTO on my blog. And don't get mad at me when I am not saying things that make you unhappy. When you think of unhappiness... think of September 17-2010
and your women, and your lovers and then, think who made who unhappy.
Its the one's that never leave who are worth it. its the ones that stand by you with no expectations that you stand by with no expectations.
It took me a long time to realize why you left. THIS was it. Happy people don't play around on their spouses. Happy people, make the best of what they have been blessed with. Unhappy people, cheat. you may have been happier if you never came back the first time you left me over lying about a cell phone. smh 

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