Sunday, August 18, 2013

Its A Discombobulated Mess, But It Should Be Awesome By The 1st Of September.

tearing down the trees
that sucker was GINORMOUS
Coming Down
piece by piece, limb by limb
I bought this plant the day my ex left. 10-17-10. its more beautiful each day.
learning to tolerate the 'craziness'
Kitchen to the Hall
I love my color
Mom's Room...she would have loved it!
Now its going to be an office
so ready for my bedroom to be done.
New Bed
Mom! What is this mess???
Grace and Casey
Most of the trees / bushes are gone.
I love my little home
7 bird feeders in that tree and they need filled every day.
I need to get rid of that ugly outdoor carpet.
all tucked in !!!

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