Thursday, August 29, 2013

13 on Thursday

  1. Dinner with my sister and brother in law was really an eye opener for me. One I needed so desperately. 
  2. I have  changed my feelings on dating. An old classmate of mine has been asking me to go with him on an official date. I have always refused, but that is going to change. We are going to start dating!!! He's a motorhead and hung out and still hangs out with all the motor heads we graduated with. So, its official. I am on the 'available' list!
  3. Next week, 3 PowerPoints and the following week is finals! Almost there!!
  4. We were notified that the Ohio Gambling Funds have been distributed and we get a stipend from there! Keep gambling in Ohio!!!
  5. A couple of my friends and I will be getting the back yard party ready. I bought a bunch of solar lights that hang on the fence last year while on sale, and I am going to head back to Target tomorrow to see what else is on sale. Friends. :) lucky me.
  6. Tippi dinner went so good the other night. One of the old managers came in just to say hi. He didnt stay for dinner, but sat and talked for about 45 minutes. I just loved him as a manager, then he inherited his father in laws business and made that sky rocket and became a member!! Now 2 of his sons run the show and he retired. Gotta love a successful man. 
  7. HUMID... the past 3 days and the next 6. ugh, is an understatement!!
  8. Its nice to spend time with my brother in law. I got to the house about a half an hour before my sister and we sat and talked. And cried. I loved his parents, and we talked about them, and about how his dad was always looking out for me. They asked me to come and live with them after my divorce, but I couldn't for a variety of reasons. the biggest one being boundaries. I know there would have been problems with a couple people. Anyway, we talked out a lot of things that have been on HIS mind about me, and he lifted my soul .... a million percent!!
  9. Going in 4 hours early today so my friend and I can work on our projects for next week. I'm not lovin night classes, usually, but this term and with what has been going on in my life, I love it. I have someone here every day with the kids and every night while I am gone. 
  10. Laundry laundry laundry. Like George Costanza who has 40 pair of underwear... ahhahahaha. I pretty much wear the same shorts all the time, so underwear and tshirts are my laundry, Oh and towels. But when I change my bed and change the covers off the couch... HOLY CRAP it feels like WHOA!!!
  11. Beyond excited for next weekend. 
  12. Back to the doctors after class tomorrow for results. 
  13. I'm glad this is 13. I dont have anything else to say!!!

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