Tuesday, July 2, 2013


So, I thought I'd do a little Ten Thought Tuesday today... why not.
1. Shocked today with work news.
2. Leaning totally on the Lord for this ... I know He will always be there
3. I believe this is the time to get my Doggone Yummy back up and running.
4. I think I only have 10 weeks off... I think.
5. I know this will be better for my grades, for my biz, and for my head. I really do.
6. Poor Casey. We were all getting out of bed today, Spikey gets out with me. The girls just take 'leaps' of faith! Casey was at the bottom of the bed when Grace jumped and SPLAT right on top of Casey. Casey could have ended up with a broken body. She just growled at Grace and they ran outside. Thank you Lord for THAT.
7. Here's my dilemma. Took the Laptop in. It MAY be the fan...185.00 BUT it MAY be the motherboard. Which he said if it were that, don't bother. Its too expensive and would cost as much as a new laptop. Do I spend the 185 on a MAYBE? I think I am going with a 'no'. Now I have to start watching closely. I guess its time for a new laptop. ugh.
8. Two finals down, bot B's. Tomorrow is going to be a son of a gun. I hope I at least pass.
9. I'm exhausted.
10. Pray for my friend V.C. she also lost her job today. She took it much harder than I did. Lord, comfort her. <3 .="" br="">


  1. If you fix a laptop, sometimes it's good, sometimes there are three other things likely to go on them, the cable to the monitor, etc. I hope you had happy endings.

    1. Ive decided to just buy a new one. NOW, I have to do research!!