Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ten Thought Tuesdays

  1. Could we please get a break from the humidity?
  2. Back to school tomorrow but not til 2 o'clock! 2 to 6 then dinner with the boys.
  3. Well, I bought my new computer today, the screen is so dang big it will light up the street!
  4. Also bought my bedroom today. As soon as its all over I'll post pics.
  5. I am starving. Think I'll throw something on the grill.
  6. I have to make an eye appt. Even with a screen THIS big, everything is fuzzy.
  7. Spikey, Grace and Casey. Groomed. yay.
  8. I had a very busy day off!! Ok, 6th day off. My bad ;)
  9. Saturday would be my mom's birthday. We are going to have a family breakfast. Or lunch. Sheshe has to work mornings.
  10. Facebook notified me that they will know by this weekend who is portraying me online. Cannot wait to hear THIS!! 

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