Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ten Thought Tuesday

  1. Today is still awful. Still hurting. Still lonely. No matter who is around lately, I still feel lonesome. So, when I'm not answering calls or emails... truly its not you, its me.
  2. Funny how we feel when we feel alone. sad. broken hearted.
  3. http://www.danoah.com/2010/09/you-just-broke-your-child.html
  4. I hate the 'free pets' part of the paper. A couple were at the grocery store yesterday and were trying to buy puppy chow with their food stamps. Hey, I'm all about that new thing about food stamps for pet food, but damn, WHY did you just get that new puppy?? Does he have shots? is it spayed or neutered? license? That's why I like Angels For Animals and Friends of Fido and all the local agencies. 1. you have to have the money to pay for them and they are already shot, spayed/neutered, dewormed. 2. you pay for that baby, you are less likely to walk away from it when things get bad. Idk, just my humble opinion.
  5. Why is it that when I trust people, they always end up lying to me. I need to be more of a cold hearted you know what. Then when people lie or screw me over, I can say 'whatever' and walk away. New grass guy, hasn't shown up in 2 days. I text  him this morning, can he do it in the morning today because of the storms we were going to have today. He texts back 'ill be there ASAP' so I left breakfast to go home because I didn't leave money. Never showed. I told him he was a disappointment to me just like all the rest. He tried to call... I'm not talking to him either. asshole.
  6. I miss my mom something terrible.
  7. On the + side, my bed came today. The last 2 nights on the couches, chair and floor have been awful.
  8. I'm getting bored doing this...
  9. Homework needs done for tomorrow. :/
  10. ten. adios.

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