Sunday, July 21, 2013

Its been kind of a weird day emotionally.

  • this pregnancy is odd for me- don't know why. OK, yes I do.
  • I truly reamed the lawn hippie a new ... you know. I am never confrontational, but I was today. sometimes i'm a bit--, but today was over the top. moral of my story - DONT MESS WITH MY MONEY AND DO NOT EVER CON ME. ever.
  • Not the day I hoped for ... things sure change when you get older. :/
  • Now and tomorrow we ALL sleep on the couch. oh boy...
  • I hope red cross news doesn't spoil my wedding get away. They are going to call me with a consultation tomorrow.
  • I can't wait till Tuesday morning. Breakfast with Linda. We really need this. I really need this.

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  1. WHAT PREGNANCY???????? WHO???????