Sunday, June 23, 2013

what an incredible gift God has given me. contentment.

to try and EXPLAIN contentment to someone who will never be content is impossible.
to live a content life, has taken me a long time to accomplish, but its been the greatest joy of my life. during the past month i have come to see who is and always will be there for me. today was simply a wonderful day.
earlier my grandson and my son in law were here working hard to make everything good for me, and my home. my grandson is painting the entire interior of my home. my son in law was here changing the gutters and flushing the drains and cleaning the helicopters off the roof. he scrubbed the awnings and cleaned the garage out. i made them brats and pasta salad and we had a great day together. family.
now the girls are over and we are watching marathon RUGRATS. well, Sheshe is sound asleep. we all had a rough night last night. family.
back to work tomorrow. i cannot wait. one of my friends text me and told me she had made me some dinners for this week so i don't have to cook when i get home. my life isn't filled with what others feel is necessary to make a happy life. my life is filled with what I feel is necessary to make a happy life. family.
Life... it goes on.

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