Saturday, June 22, 2013

Just Sayin'

Today has been a pretty busy day. I went and picked up my dehumidifier. One of them. I swear we were here a year when we bought the one I have. I guess that would make it only 3-4 years old. I'll put it at the curb tomorrow, someone will get some use out of it. Actually 3 of them will be going to the curb. Tomorrow is going to be busy here at The Frichtel Ranch. Painting being done by my 'grandson' and the gutters are going to be redone by my 'son in law'. If I can do it, the basement is going to be unloaded. I haven't really been down there for awhile. Being sick, I would only go there to shower and occasionally do laundry. Its a mess, and sticky since dehumidifier took a dump.
     I hate grocery shopping. I hate lugging all those bags in, bringing the stuff that has to go in the basement and putting everything away. I get so worn out, especially getting over this 'cold'. Anywho, I think I am addicted to salmon. Who'da' thunk it? I bought so much salmon, talipia and haddock. I fill that freezer in the garage, but yet, I have no sauce. Sauce I crave, but I'm going to wait for a cooler day. My fridge is filled with fruit and my freezer with fish. I'm going to make a piece of salmon and put it in a salad for lunch at schoo. I go back this week, so I have made pasta salad and some brats for lunch.
     Anywho I bought 2 dehumidifiers. One for the basement, and a sleek one for upstairs. I have an air purifier in mind as well. Things for the house consume me (and my savings). I do think it will help my breathing though. I may get my guys tomorrow to put the air cond in the window. I didn't use it last year so I hope its ok.
     Well, I need to run to Target. maybe I'll continue my boring ole thougths later. :)

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