Tuesday, October 9, 2012

ten thought tuesdays
  1. today was an incredibly busy day. i think the rest of the week is going to be the same
  2. while grocery shopping today i got a call with an order for 50 cream filled cupcakes 
  3. i have an odd ordering weekend. 50 cupcakes. 1 dog paw cake 1 dog bone cake and 10 bags of biscuits!! weird
  4. i was reading on lovefraud today, some things that made me shiver. i have to change myself in order to become normal again. i had to change up facebook a little too. 
  5. got an odd phone call from someone i never thought i would ever hear from again. all i can say are women are stupid. Myself included. Some, though, never learn. 
  6. my all night caller has a 412 area code. shows up as call from 412. never saw that before and will never answer the call. 
  7. business law tomorrow. love that class. 
  8. trying to decide on clear or orange 'doggone-yummy' bags. this trunk sale is going to be a little expensive for me. i hope i don't lose money on it. 
  9. jeff lewis tonight!! i love the flippers and the housewives. 
  10. seriously thinking about a quick trip to LA during Thanksgiving. A girlfriend offered to put me up while I sold my good in LA. we don't have 'breaks' anymore in school, so I have to take advantage of holidays, and I think Thanksgiving would be more profitable than Christmas. And Christmas is a longer celebration and I don't want to be in her and her families way.

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