Friday, October 5, 2012


My ex informed me that you can actually SEE my blog, just what Google deleted. I am sure it is blogs from others. I always ask permission and/or give credit for the writer, but I guess whatever I was doing is still wrong. So, I'll just go on from here.
     I have so much to do tomorrow that I promised myself a sort of sleep in day on Saturday. The high Saturday is in the mid 30's, so I'm just going to have a lazy day and bake for the orders i have upcoming, and bake for the sale I am going to be doing at the end of the month. Does that make me a lazy arse if  I don't do anything but that? Oh what I wouldn't give to have a mother that dusted, or ran the vacuum or ANYTHING besides count pennies for the girls. omg. But, I don't so .... sthu!!
     I'm so ready for that business seminar. I am ready to step OUT of my financial situation and make a life for myself.
     I have to get to the doctors pretty soon. I have been cutting and pumicing this dead skin around my toe (yeah, this is gross and really TMI) only to find out that the skin under my toe is BLACK (i cannot bend my leg very well, so its hard for me to see these things). My sister told me I have a huge hole in my toe and its black. So, I'm guessing I better scrape up some cash to get to Dr Petrolla. Anyone want to buy 10 or so bags of biscuits (yep, I'm a biscuit whore!!)? So, that's next.
     My ex said 'have you called any junk yards about that back window'... wth, isn't that what I have YOU for!! he didn't find that as amusing as I did. So, he's looking. 200 buckerino's  I don't have there, too.
    Well, the cheesecakes smell done and my body is pooped out. Have a great Friday, and enjoy this chilly fall xo.

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