Saturday, October 6, 2012

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sam's Last Stand: But Saturday 9 Will Go On

Hi! This is going to be a wrap for this version or edition of Saturday 9. A woman named Lola Harrington penned Saturday 8 when I started the WTIT Blog in 2006. It had been handed down and I believe she was the blogs third author. By the time I found it, there were three or four players a week. When it ended I felt this void. I tied to find a decent Saturday meme, but what Patrick does is fine, it didn’t work for me. So, I decided to do it myself. I found dong the meme just as good, since I just stole the nine questions from memes everywhere.

I felt WTIT: The Blog had given me such a wise ass reputation, that I need an “alias” to pen this. I got the rights to the picture that we’ve know as “Crazy Sam Winters” and we were off! No one knew and the meme had fifty players a week, soon enough. Even my own girlfriend (of the time) didn’t know. She once accused Sam of “coming on to me”. (Bright, she wasn’t.) I will miss Sam. I felt I channeled her for the longest time. Even the whole “Just a Silly Meme” came to me from her.

We displayed this picture of "Sam" every Christmas.
When I posted this, no one had offered to take it over. But, today we've had several offers & we will sort it out. BUT THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT Sat-9 will go on!

My own blog ended last week If you have not read my last post, do me a favor and stop by, read it and leave a comment before I fade completely away by clicking here. Last night, was my stag party. (Kathy & I wed on the 20th!) We got the WTIT “band” together and we recorded comedy. WTIT was the reason I entered the blogosphere. The website had this “blog” thing. I got hooked. But now WTIT is recording a lot again. I can’t do both. So I’m leaving. But, I'm sure this blog will be in good hands! 

Thank YOU for stopping by each week. Join the new author next week. It’s been my pleasure.

Peace & love!


1. If you could experience any life form that was not a human of your sex, what would you pick and why?
I would love to be a bird. Total freedom and... well, not so much at eating worms! 2. Do you believe in the American Dream or has it passed through time?
I am not sure anymore. Things are so different. Life was so sort of like Mayberry when I was growing up. Now, we are totally divided, some work hard to have what they dream of, and some have the government telling them what they are to dream of. A few blocks from my home, their dream, I would guess, is to make it through another day without being shot. 3. It's been asked before, probably weekly, but what's irritating you today?
Not a single thing. Its such a beautiful fall day, I have been up and at it since 7 am and God is good. 4. What do you think you'll end up looking like? (A picture would help.)

5. Has anyone told you that you could not do something?
Not recently. I'm proving everyone wrong these days. Thank You Lord 6. Is there anybody dead that you'd like to talk to?
My dad. I wish he could be by my side and see my life today. My grandma. I miss her more than anyone could ever imagine. xo 7. Have you ever done volunteer work?
Yes. When I was a teen I volunteered at the hospital and when I was in my 40s I was a CASA volunteer. (court appointed special advocate) 8. Have you ever walked away from a job and regretted it?
sort of. I regretted walking away from Guckenheimer in Santa Ana, but I couldn't take the abuse from the manager anymore. 9. How did you find Saturday 9? 
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  1. I love how upbeat you sound today. You're right -- fall is beautiful, the sun is out and God is good and I should appreciate it all more.

    1. Thank you! I have been feeling really good lately, but things throw me off. I changed to firefox on the computer and don't have you as one of my favorites on the top, that'll change. I remember when I was in Chi town with my now ex, I truly thought about contacting you to have lunch or a drink, but I was afraid you would think I was a stalker!!! I was glad to see your comment, and I will put you back up on my 'bar' to visit daily again! Have a great evening!!