Sunday, October 14, 2012

Saturday 9 by a new Writer. :(

1) Do you believe there's only one person (and there ain't no other) for you? Or do you think we can truly love several partners over the course of our lives?

I don't know. To be honest, somedays I feel that there is only one that I could possibly love, then when I realize its only one sided I think I should give another shot at love. But, I've only been divorced / separated 1 year / 2 years... I think I'll know when its time. It took me a LONG time after divorce no. one. Idk.
2) Do you have this, or any other, Christina song on your iPod/mp3 player?
don't know Christina
3) Christina Aguilera won a Grammy for her performance of this song. What do you deserve an award for? And who would you thank in your acceptance speech?

STILL don't know Christina
4) Christina Aguilera has her own brand of perfume. Do you have a fragrance or scent you regularly wear?
Romance and Safari when I can get it.
5) Do you have any allergies?
I once saw a thing on facebook... 'im allergic to bullshit'. Im going to stick with that one.
6) There's an older lady who proclaims during a TV commercial, "I will give up beer, bread, wine or soda but I won't give up Life Alert!" No, we're not going to debate her diet. Instead the question is: What are some of the staples that are always on your grocery list?
lemons. brown rice. bologna. soft italian bread. tea.
7) What's your favorite sitcom of all time?
seinfeld...and big bang theory
8) When it comes to your socks, do you prefer solids, stripes or prints?
i don't care
9) At what age do you consider a person "middle-aged?" And when do they transition to "old?"
I say... 55 is middle aged. 70 old

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