Sunday, October 21, 2012

Perfect Weekend...

Now home to study!

I could not have PLANNED a better weekend! Sales were nice at the event yesterday! I sold cheesecakes AND tons of biscuits and even some games and things that I found in the basement while 'chucking shit' the other night. Then cards at my cousins. My cousin and his kids were up from the big C and we had an awesome fun dinner!! Its funny how much fun we can all have together. My cousin has this awesome tv in their basement that has the Internet, and SO many music stations. We had to watch the WVU game and then we switched to the music channels. Except for the 3 teenagers that were present, we pretty much all grew up in the 70's and know EVERY WORD to EVERY SONG. A few of my friends for years have called me Gold Dust Woman, to which even today I have no idea why. So when we were picking songs, my buddy says "play Mary's song" and Scott just flipped to it and it was so funny. I had to set down my cards and DANCE to it!! Then we switched to disco when the THIRD round of cards started ( and I did have ROMANTIC Sweetest Day Plans ), and when we were finally through ~ around midnight, we played Bread, and Neil Young, and Barry White and at that point, I was READY to leave!! So we all said our goodbyes and Meg took Rose and I ended the evening with sangria's and popcorn and 
This morning we went for a fall drive and took a look at some things in Pittsburgh and had a great picnic lunch by the statue on Mt Washington. I so didn't want to come home, but I promised myself I would deep clean while Rose was gone so we got that done and now I am just sitting back and remembering just how blessed I am. Contentment with me is where i am right now, and even though I kind of cried remembering things, I think it was a cry of release. No worries about trust or care or no thoughts of whats really going on, just contentment. At 54, I need it.
I am off to pick up some electronic things that I know nothing about at Radio Shack, then home to make a roast for the dogs while doing laundry and studying. 4 more weeks. I am sad that we have no more breaks, but that just makes my associates degree a little bit closer. I am so glad I have so much support with family and friends, and I am very glad now that I can 'pick up the pieces and go home' ~ Rock On gold dust woman!!!

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