Sunday, October 7, 2012

     I read blogs. I'm annoyingly nosy and I love to hear the good in people's voices. I read a blog where the writer seems to live in a depression. Here is a portion of his blog today " All the signs that I'm heading back to depression are there. The withdrawing from Twitter, the confused (rambling) blog posts, the writer's block, the increase of voices and hallucinations, the drop of focus, the loss of enjoyment, insomnia, the heightened loneliness and desperate craving for human contact.". Sometimes, when I know I am heading for a depression I am fortunate to know that if I start walking , if even for only 15 minutes a day, knock off sugar for awhile , read the Word, talk to God ( not ramble, but ASK  Him to show me what He wants me to do, and talk to him like I talk to a girlfriend) and read positive books or even something so simple as to call a friend and have some laughs, things head in a better direction.      I have lived with depression. People I love suffer with depression.  Even I battle it ... but am aware of the 'signs'.   In this writer's blog he speaks of Twitter, like its important. Oh I'll tell you, I love Twitter (follow me @maryfrichtel) and I LOVE the banter of Facebook, but in no way do I even THINK about it as a TRULY important thing in my life. CONFUSED RAMBLING BLOG POSTS.... omgosh. THIS girl is a rambler!! Never had a writers block. I just think I don't feel like blogging if nothing is coming to me. I don't hear voices, or the one I do hear is me thinking ... or God's guidance. Heightened loneliness and desperate craving for human contact. I have read some of his writings. It seems he CRAVES  weird sex.  I have heard that a lot about people that are 'off'.  I know that mentally challenged ppl have this.
Anywho... long day today. Work @7 am til 3, cheesecake deliveries ( I think people should pick up their own...), grocery shopping and home. Clean the house ( imagine Rose never gets off of her chair....) make dinner change the litter, take out the trash , do the dishes, laundry and shower AND get ready for my test tomorrow. Imagine I cannot keep my eyes open. Test starts at 8 tomorrow, bleah I better grab 2 - 5hour energy bottles.
I hope you all have a great week, and I am so happy to be reconnected with The Gal Herself!! Yay!!!

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