Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ten Thought Tuesdays

Ten A Little More Intense Thoughts Than I Would Do On Facebook

  1. I OBSESS at times. I know I know you are shocked!! Hahaha. But, I do. And I have been obsessing since last night when I read something that made me crazy. I read it and without rereading or whatever I just started to freak. Let me state, that this issue ... I have no business even THINKING about this let alone making myself sick over this. BUT, I do. I was sick at work and I was thinking about this all day... then I came home, and reread it. I am a dick sometimes and I need to STOP. I misread . I jumped to a conclusion and I drove myself crazy over it. I hate this about me. I'm so happy I misread. Not that it will ever matter...
  2. I do love baking at the club. 33 years there with a 4 year LA hiatus, its in my blood, I cannot imagine not baking. Why I am in school... idk. But its going to feel awesome to have a degree. 
  3. I got an email the other day. I baked a raspberry lemonade cheesecake for my friend's coworker. I was iffy on that one. I didn't like the recipe I had so I rearranged things. He emailed me the other day and ordered 2 more for this Friday and 2 dog biscuits and pepperoni rolls. omgosh , I can't believe this is happening to me. ME. 
  4. Well, I broke down and told a family member about my female issues. I cried for an hour while we talked. Its back. I am so afraid of being alone through all of this. I miss being married. Having someone I know will be there..... idk. 
  5. I am really contemplating getting a new bed. Queen size. I don't need that big of a bed and could use the room in the bedroom. I think that bed is going to just be the kids and I for a very long time. 
  6. Sending out my care packages for the girls this weekend. They are going to LOVE them. 
  7. The new chef, gives me the creeps. 
  8. I don't think my brother will ever be back to work. He is getting worse and worse and its looking bad for him. 
  9. I got a call Saturday morning from my splitting up family member. To apologize and to get some advice on what they should do. I laughed. A 2x loser has NO advice to give. I was telling my ex about the phone conversation and he said "you are not a two time loser. our divorce was my fault and I regret every day what I did to us". I cried. 
  10. Well, I have to get to my Business Law homework. Jeffery Lewis, I hear comes on at 10 tonight. I'm glad about THAT!!

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