Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Thoughts ...

  • OK Jim, I know you are busy, but I just want to say I hope you are well! I miss those SoddyDaisy TN 'hits' on the side of my blog!!
  • Work was so dang busy this morning, from 10-2 we went non stop. There were 2 of us in the Salad Depot and we busted TAIL ... then, NOTHING!! It took 8 hours for 2-3 to be done! Gawd I hated it!!
  • I won't be working at all this week! I meet with a business adviser on Tuesday, and a gentleman with the IRS later in the day, then going to Mercer with my atty Wednesday after law class to watch her in court then  for some information that I need. Accounting class Thursday morning,  then to a meeting with my accounting teacher Thursday night, he is bringing me into the Roundtable Business Meeting and endorsing me to be a member then Friday after my 7 am standing breakfast at Panera with my sisi, I have a meeting at The Credit Union  to set up a Doggone-Yummy account. Saturday is delivery day and Sunday I am meeting a guy in Pittsburgh 'just to look'... very exciting!!! Life is beginning to feel great. Thank you Lord. 
  •  I think next Sunday will also be a good day to take some beautiful pictures of fall. Me and the GPS will spend the day in PA before Monday reality day, comes back around.
  • Somewhere, in ALL OF THIS, I have to get to my ex's house so he can fix my car. Maybe I can leave it Sunday and take his truck. I'm so livid with Preston Hyundai I could scream. 
  • I was dreaming... really, just dreaming about 'stuff'. I really would like to set up my business in Pittsburgh. Down by the River would be awesome. I would like to have an apartment upstairs for my 'kids' and I. I would like a white Kia Soul with my orange logo on the side, OR an orange Kia Soul with my logo in white on the side. I would love to have all of that and be sharing it with someone awesome. That last part really IS a dream. I get lonesome. I'd love Pittsburgh with 'someone'. Just a thought. I would love to have you walk into petco and see my 'signature' bag and tag and ribbon and say... DANG, we just LOVE Doggone-yummy products. A sign over the city  Doggone-Yummy Brand orange and olive green and the ribbon on the side. One of my favorite memories is walking ... idk if that River front is downtown, but I remember walking it in the snow not so  many years ago. Absolutely beautiful .
  • Well, I have so much MicroSoft Office Homework that I changed my plans for the night. My mom is sick so she is in bed and the dogs are sleeping on a big blanket I have under the dining room table and the cat is sleeping on the deacon bench in here. Its going to be a quiet and relaxing night. 

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