Sunday, September 16, 2012

sunday sundae

I wasn't sure if I was going to blog tonight. I'm really ready to put my feet up and wait for my New Jersey Housewives show. Today was tough. I went to bed at 8 last night and thanks to my 'children' I was up EVERY HOUR. I don't know what was in the back yard but they would get up and BARK til I opened the door and let them out. Then I had to wait for Spikey because he need mommy to lift him on the bed when its dark out...don't ask. So, from 9 til 4 am I was up EVERY HOUR.... I love my job though so getting off to the club isn't so  tough when I know I'll be spending all day with my wonderful friends.
I have been a day and a half now with no cell phone. Unfortunately I keep my  phone on silent or 1 beep so ringing it, is useless. I have not one clue where it could be. AND I don't remember my code to access my voice mail from the home phone.. ugh.
Well, yesterday was my radio debut! We were on the phone/radio together for over an hour! I got so much information and I am going to do all of my stuff when I get home from school tomorrow. Well, home from my ex's. I am going to have him punch out the rest of my back window and put some tarp over it til I can come up with the 200 to get it replaced. I'm also going to have HIM take a look at my car and all its things that are still wrong with it. I should  have just paid him to fix it in the first place.
Tomorrow is my Microsoft Word Class. I LOVE that class!! SO COOL! Since we missed the first Monday of class we  have to make it up SATURDAY. smh. I love the class, but I don't like ANY classes on Saturday!!
Sold FOUR BAGS of biscuits today. My boss bought one and 3 others saw them and ordered!! Its so exciting! I wish I could sell TWENTY and then I could buy that window!! This 40 will go to paying down that credit card I just abused. Darn that Hobby Lobby!!!!
Well, off to play Words with Friends on Facebook.
are we friends yet??
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