Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sunday Stealing

Today we ripped off a blogger named ChibiNatsumi21 from the blog  The Unfulfiller of Expectation. It’s 88 questions, we will do it in parts. She does not state where she found the memeBut, it was probably stolen there as well. So, of course, that will be as far as we go. Tracing back our theft's thieves might take some time. Take the time to comment on other player's posts. It's a great way to make new friends! Link back to us at Sunday Stealing

23. Why do you think so many people cheat?
I wish I knew. If they are tired of their spouse, leave before you hurt them. Maybe they NEED to know that there are others out there that could want them before they take the divorce route. But I really don't know. I wish they knew what it does to the one they cheat on.
24. Tell me what's on your mind?

There is alot on my mind today. I don't want to go to this mixer tonight. I don't want to go out with my ex tomorrow and I am worried sick about Spikey. You know, he truly is like a child to me, and when I suspect there is something amiss, it hurts my heart.  I can't wait for school to start Wednesday, it keeps me too busy to think about crap.
25. What are you looking forward to in the next three months?

  I have been invited to spend the week after Christmas with a dear friend. Her husband left her in June and we really became close when I worked at Guckenheimer. We were the main 2 that the manager abused. We were there for each other. One of us is going to visit during the holidays. She asked me to come there, or asked if it were OK to come here. Her kids have never seen snow.
26. Have you ever worn the opposite sex's clothing?
Everynight I wear my ex's boxers to bed.
25. When did you last talk to your BFF?

28. When is your next road trip?

I  think Monday.
29. Do you have someone of the opposite sex you can tell anything to?

3 actually
30. How's your heart?

31. Have you ever felt like you weren't important?

yes. sept 17, 2010 til... last month actually
32. Do you think somebody's secretly in love with you?

Nah. I have nothing to offer anyone.
33. What are you planning on doing after this?

Going to the Chaney High School 35 year 'mixer' bleah.
34. Last time you yelled at someone?

Lord only knows.
35. Have you told anybody you loved them today?

Yes. My sister.
36. Who do you not get along with?

well, the ones who choose to not get along with me.
37. What does your most recent text say?

C U at 8
38. What are you wearing right now?

Jean shorts, gray tee and a bandana.
39. You're locked in a room with the person you last kissed in high school, how is it?

this is really a stupid question. BUT, I'll see him tonight I am sure. He flew in from Vegas for this stupid reunion.
40. When's the last time you had a grilled cheese?

Yesterday. I make the BEST grilled cheese.
41. What's your favorite boy and girl name?

Spikey and Grace
42. How did you feel when you woke up?

Overwhelmed. 4 dogs laying on my back and legs. Ugh.
43. Do you wish someone would call or text you right now?

44. Do you think Clint Eastwood would have been better talking to a table?

I don't understand this question
45. What were you doing yesterday at midnight?

I was sound asleep. Went to bed at 9, so SOUND asleep. 


  1. talk about grilled cheese had me salivating. 4 dogs? too many :) love them though. visiting thru Sunday stealing here.

  2. 4 dogs IS too many! I have to little ones, in a LITTLE house!! So we were a little cramped, but I didn't want them to stay home alone. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Christmas is so far away yet, the stuff will be in the stores any day now.

    1. At Cracker Barrel its already out there!!

  4. No answer for #43?