Thursday, September 20, 2012

Song DuJour ~ I Guess You Get Used To Somebody~

I love old country. Yeah, I like OLD country like George Jones and Waylon Jennings, but I love old 80s-90s country. Today I was sifting through too many CDs that I  have and I found  my absolute favorite cd in the world 'Set This Circus Down'. If you really love country, hop on over to You Tube and listen to some of the songs. This music is part of my soul. I love ROMANTIC Tim, and Toby and Kenny. This one is one of my very favorites. another great one... No one ever left me out in the rain, Cold words still remain unspoken.....And I never got got lost, Spent years in the dark......Your here now my heart's unbroken!! Great song.... Take Me Away From Here... I am bawling my eyes out now Forget About Us.... oh man

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