Friday, September 7, 2012

So, I'm at Aldi's today and this mom, dad and grandma are there (mind you the grandma was younger than me) and their sweet little TINY blond haired blue eyed daughter. They shove the baby (about 2) into the cart and SQUEEZE her hands on where she has to KEEP her hands. Each time she moved them they PUNCHED her little hands. In line she touched the conveyer belt and they grabbed her little hand and twisted it. She never cried. They take her from the cart and SLAM her on the counter. I told them to be gentle, she is a baby. The grandma told me to mind my own fu**in business. When the baby walked away from the car in the parking lot the father picked her up by her wrist and beat the hell out of her. She still never cried. I blocked them in and called the police and waited for them to arrive. THEY WERE LIVID, but I couldn't stand by while 'mommy and daddy and grandma' abused that little baby. ♥
Sometimes people don't deserve to have a precious gift from God.


  1. Mair -

    Very admirable stand you took, it is scary to stand up for others in this day not knowing the type of persons you may be dealing with. One day, I hope that child remembers what you did for her and she is able to pay it forward. I hope the legal system protects her from this abuse in the future.

    I am proud to know someone willing to make this stand.

    A big kiss and hug for what you did.


    1. I love those hugs and kisses!! and I think you would have done the SAME thing!

  2. We always hope we do the right thing when events like this occur. Sometimes I am shocked and forget to react. We just need more cops closer by to keep upstanding citizens from having to put them self at risk when the wrong things happen.