Saturday, September 1, 2012


  • Musings, like 'moist' or 'whisper' is one of those words that make me cringe. Yet, I use it anyway. Yep I'm weird.
  • Tonight is the 'Informal Mixer' before my 35th Chaney High School Class Reunion. Informal mixer my ASS those babes will be dressed to the nines. BUT its at my 'watering hole' Davidsons so I'll have shorts and a tshirt and sandals on. Like I do every time I go there.
  • Funny, all the CHS friends I have on Facebook, I hated in high school! Cheerleaders 'friend' me. omg There were 6 of us that were a pack. Kathy, Debbie, Peg, Kim, Sue and Myself. Outside of that group, I didn't even know there were others in the school. Its still basically Kathy, Debbie and I that still go to dinner a few times a month, laugh and joke and share our lives with. Best friends forever. Not 'BFF's', real best friends. Forever.
  • 4 dogs in one bed last night = 'oh my back' this  morning. My sisters 2 stayed overnight while they went to Pittsburgh.
  • 9 dog biscuit orders came in over night. I have started keeping records and opened a 'taxes' bank account. So when I finally take that first step, then visit the IRS, I'll be on the up and up. Such bullshit people cheating the gov't. Shame on you.
  • Next pay I need to get my window replaced from the break in. 200 bucks for a window. I also need to lower my detectable from 500 to something much lower. I have a 1000 detectable on the house stuff. That's going to come down considerable too. Lessons learned.

  • food for thought

    hahahaha!! this will be me for the rest of my life!!!!

  • I need to go to the bank and take my Spikey for a walk in the park. Have a great Saturday.

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