Friday, September 7, 2012

5 Happy Things Everyday

  1. I am happy  to tell you that I am NOT ashamed of being a 'laborer'. Most all of my family are laborers. They have all worked hard for what they have and to insult me/us by referring to us as that, is more of a pat on the back than a kick in the teeth. { my ex husband and I were talking about this comment today. He said we worked and saved like crazy to have the homes we  have had, the cars we had, the 'toys' (cars) he has had and all of the things that made our house a home. Not one person gave us anything. He had 30 years at GM, my dad delivered mail for 35 years, my brother and I have cooked, baked, did dishes, waited tables...whatever forever. My brother in law has worked his fingers to the bone to put my nieces into great colleges and provide a good life for his kids. My sis is a white collar girl and together they have created a wonderful life. Uncle s, GM and the Mill, my life as a 'laborer' is sometimes very hard... but its OK  and we have gotten a big charge out the comment. }
  2. Long drives in the country
  3. Country music
  4. Waking up to all 3 of the 'kids' snuggling in bed.
  5. Knowing in my heart that I am ok in the place I am in. I haven't had another since  forever and it makes me feel good that I hold myself to a higher standard. I am sure that no matter what my future holds, I know it will be alright.  Sometimes no sex since 2006 makes me a little vulnerable, but hell, neither of my husbands thought I was good enough to make love to, so whoever it so happens to be that I DO , make the leap with, I'll be ready and he'll be probably attacked several times a day!!!!!!


  1. Mair -

    That is one mean looking penguin. My longhorn might back down if he saw it coming.

    My hands still have scars and callouses, I understand how you feel about earning where you are. We need more people in this country with the same experience.

    The lack of sex with another is saddening, even though I am married, it has been a long time since I have enjoyed another person. Sad how my pleasures come from myself.

    How has your freedom weekend been going? Scared the postman yet?



    1. Thats PETE the Penguin! He's trying to scare the opposition~
      I would love to be on 'the other side' of the blue collar, sometimes. But, I wouldn't be who I am today if it weren't for the toilets I have cleaned, the floors I have mopped, the dishes I have done and the baking I have put out. It defines me.

      One day, I'll be alright to have sex again. and then WATCH OUT!

      My freedom weekend hasn't gotten me far from BRAVO and The Food Network. Its freezing out so its blankets, big t's and sweats. So the post man is safe!!


  2. I have worn both collars, the jobs I enjoyed the most wore blue collars. More satisfying. Sex was even better.