Wednesday, September 19, 2012

5 Happy Things Everyday

  1. A friend of mine has invited me to bring cookies (hahaha) to his business, and while I am there, I am welcome to leave bags of doggie biscuits to sell! 
  2. I was talking to my law teacher about my 5 year plan for my business (she will pro bono her services for a year....bono??) and we talked about something anywhere but youngstown. I disagreed. I love my town. BUT she talked about a bigger town. If I won't go to New York or LA, she suggested Pittsburgh or Chicago. THIS TOPIC makes my insides rush! So many people really think I have something here, and so many are offering their services to me. See that SMILE :D  ... ITS FROM THE INSIDE!!
  3. A classmate's fiance has offered to help me do a business plan!! 
  4. I LOVE decorating the house for fall. 
  5. I had to put the heat on last night! happy happy happy happy!!

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