Thursday, September 6, 2012

5 Happy Things Everyday

  1. Two cheesecake deliveries and two biscuit deliveries tomorrow. Looks like I can get that new alternator now. =)
  2. Email from Jim, you always make my day
  3. The lightning storm didn't turn into a storm after all. I love thunderstorms, but Grace, not so much
  4. Saturday morning my sis pics up my mom and I will be totally alone until Sunday night. No one can even IMAGINE how happy that makes me!!
  5. Learning I have been replaced again. Its not a happy thought, but it brings closure. sort of .


  1. Mair -

    You are proof not giving up and staying focus on your goal, you will achieve your target. Alternator tomorrow, college degree, today's trouble will soon be tomorrow's memories. Each day gets you closer to what you are moving toward.

    I love thunderstorms, love to watch the lightening.

    You have a weekend of doing what you desire. Richly earned for the responsibilities you handle each day.

    Sometimes being replaced is a reward. May not seem like it at the moment, but the future may provide treasures you might not be able to achieve otherwise.

    Stay happy my friend. Enjoy what you have accomplish by your efforts. You are moving forward each day by your energy.