Tuesday, August 21, 2012


wow Tuesday already? here we go...
  1. starting to be alright with the girls being gone. they call me everyday, still, so ... its kinda like normal.
  2. http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-201_162-57496998/usda-slaughterhouse-shut-after-video-shows-extreme-abuse/?tag=strip
this article horrified me. some people say I am over sensitive when it comes to animals, but I am not. animals are DEFENSELESS in these situations. bastards.
3. Made fliers to take around to the neighbors for our New England Estates Neighborhood Watch meetings. I think it'll be cool to meet my neighbors. I love the ones on Annawan and Rush and Euclid, now to meet 50 of them!
4. Thinking about doing some craft shows this fall and selling my dog biscuits. The tables are expensive, but I am going to check with a couple of girlfriends and see if they want to split a booth.
5. Well, got back my wallet. They took my checks, but my debit and credit cards were there, my license, and my diamond and all the funeral cards were there. My pictures are gone, but I am going hunting today. My grandmas change purse is still out there ... I'm determined.
6. Ran into my new yard guy last night at his other job. He's a cutie. Hippie type. Funniest thing is that Rose loves him! She gives him tips and food and THAT cracks me up.
7. One of my high school friends is coming in from Columbus this weekend so we are going to go to lunch. I haven't seen her in 35 years. I'm excited.
8. More excited for Sunday night. I'm kinda liking this!!
9. Dinner with my regulars tonight. Now WE have been friends since Jr. High!! Blessed.
10. Please Mr. PA, no more emails OK. I really don't want to be forced to close down the email address I have had since 98, but I'm considering it.

L8R gators...


  1. Your PA ConnectionAugust 21, 2012 at 12:57 PM

    OK I'll not sen you anything anymore. I just want you to SEE! I am his friend on Facebook, and I want you to know he is STILL trying to hit on his kids playthings. He is STILL putting despicable comments on pages, I don't want you to be tempted. I want you to be happy and never think about him AGAIN. He is a piece of trash. I won't send you anything else. Don't change your email. I apologize.

  2. I don't think about him much anymore. I have memories, but I know what he is like. I know he loves to think little girls love his comments. I even love it that his kids and mom see his asnine comments. THAT makes me smile. I love my life I truly do. It finally feels right and I am not ever going to change that again. I know what you were trying to do, i really and truly just dont give a shit anymore. www.lovefraud.com comes to my email twice a week and I have learned. Loves me one day hates me the next, I've learned. Everything you send me, I really already know. Thanks again, but you can stop. I love my life just as it is. He'll be freaking out now wondering which one of his 'friends' from PA is a snitch!! hahahah.