Thursday, August 16, 2012

sitting here in class... I am the third person done. Mostly guessing through alot , but I did know quite a bit of it. its 8pm. should I leave? we were given that option. don't know what I would do though. my Becks' dad's funeral is from 4 to 8, so I missed that. she is  my usual thursday after class coffee date, but I am sure she is not up for chit chat. I could go home and see if there is anything interesting on BRAVO, and as always I miss my 'kids', but... idk. We have one chicka that is leaving. She is a twee bit tipsy and told us all about her life and I am sure that once she takes off, everyone will slowly start leaving. We have one guy in our class, Jeremy. He leaves at 9pm to get the last bus, and Mandy who leaves at 930. Tonight is Kim and Angelica's last day !! They are graduating! Lucky. Teanna has a date, and I always seem to stay til 10. I'm one of those 'goodie 2-shoes', a "prude" as my second husband referred to me as. But, I do try and do the right thing, ergo my last decision.
tomorrow is going to be nice, we are having a girls lunch with Bri before she leaves. well, a girls lunch and Tommy. I know he is in pain and this entire process is driving him crazy with not having an income, but secretly I like him doing things with us. Then tomorrow night I have a dinner date with my first husband. We were going to go to Masons, but I think we should just order a pizza and watch TV at home oops, his house. Sometimes I forget. I think I am going to talk to him about getting that carpet changed in the entry way and basement.
slowly ... they are all leaving.

I think I'll go home and relax with my mom. The life and times of a 54 twice divorced home body.



  1. It is wonderful to read someone's thoughts. When you look at someone, you wonder "What are they thinking?"

    Now inquisitive minds know.

    1. and my thoughts are soooooo exciting!!! hehehe. I'm glad you read them!!

  2. One day we may dwell into your deeper dark thoughts.