Friday, August 24, 2012

Happiness Challenge~ Fifteen Friday

Fifteen Things  That Make Me Happy~
  1. Dunkin Iced Coffee
  2. My ex husband. He's teaching me a thing or 3 that I have seemed to have forgotten in my life.
  3. The laundry is DONE. I know it'll be here again tomorrow, but as for now everything is through, including shower curtains, shower mats and new towels in both bathrooms.
  4. Week one is over of my vacation. I love the break, but I love school more.
  5. Looking at 15 packages of dog biscuits ready to be delivered today. :D
  6. Panera with my bestie. I'm craving some mac n cheese and a Cuban sandwich...
  7. Puppy kisses. I don't know what I would do without my kids. Even Phoebe slept with us all night last night. It was crowded, but I love falling asleep with them all around me.
  8. High School Football. Love it. Love the energy. Love the busyness and the kids!
  9. My nieces. Calls , texts, emails, love. Everyone is scattered at the moment, but lucky for me, no one is too busy for auntie.
  10. Giving a little. Life is not financially good for me right now, but I love when I can send some fives or tens to my nieces just to make them smile. Makes me smile too.
  11. The Boulevard. Yep, a restaurant makes me happy. We walk in, they know us, they make us feel at home. Mom and I go there a few times a month. Sometimes more. Usually more during school time.
  12. Target makes me happy. If I need to just get away, even if I only have ten bucks, roaming Target for an hour or so and buying a loaf of bread...makes me happy.
  13. Sundays. I work at Tippi. I'm happy.
  14. Fridays. I spend the evenings with Booz. He makes me happy.
  15. Breakfasts with Becks. She makes me laugh, cry, think, smile. I'm lucky to have a friend like her.


  1. Hi Mair -

    Good list. I have been looking in seeing what is going on, based on this list looks like some positive moves for you.

    1. I will let you have the coffee, I only had two cups in my lifetime and did not like either one.

    2. Hm, this sounds wonderful, I hope it stays this way for you.

    5. Business sounds good.

    7. This is always good.


    1. Hey Jim!! I love that you look in on me once in awhile!! I can check you out on the side ;* I love iced coffee, a huge one gets me going for the day, but I actually enjoy one at night ( we are talking about coffeeeeeee....). 2. is OK, and its just become a great friendship. I have failed twice in that marriage dept and I am not going to go there again. 5. business IS surprisingly good. I have a small amt of advertising going on so its starting to keep me busy. I bake an entire batch sometimes 3x's a day. 7. brings me contentment. I haven't been sleeping well for about a week, but I still feel comfort with them. I think I'm missing school!!!!

      I enjoy your comments and your emails all the time :D

  2. For sleeping, I use Tylenol PM at night to help me sleep. The dogs sleep with the wife, they never join me in my bedroom. She has a bigger bed.

    1. sounds like you have as romantic bedroom nights as my ex's and I !! :(

    2. It is sad when couples end up this way. But at least I get a good night sleep! As for sex, at least I get it my way. ;}

    3. I'm glad you are STILL GETTING IT! Whatever way!!