Sunday, August 19, 2012

Good Morning Mary! Hahahahahaha. Wow what an effed up 2 weeks THIS has been. 2 weeks ago someone stole the GPS from my car. My fault, sort of, I didn't lock the door. Tuesday morning when I left for school, the GPS was laying in the side yard. Soaking wet, but amazingly enough still working.  Then all that craziness with my finals and all that jazz. Yesterday my mom and I go to church and I'm driving home and the car feels weird. FLAT TIRE. omg. SO, 4 new tires. My stipend money is dwindling FAST. Really fast.
Wake up this morning and ^^^^^ THAT^^^^^^^. ugh. My wallet and my grandma's change purse were stolen. In my wallet... funeral cards from my uncles, mrs harris, grandma dugan and my dad. My pictures of all of my kids/nieces/great niece/nephew/, 1 credit card, 2 debit cards, license, checks, cross pen, my diamond from my engagement ring, my blood doner card, my sams club card, my my my my my life. In my grandmas change purse there was 20-25 bucks, a handful of change, my business card holder and this little tiny its bitsy picture of someone who was once special, but the picture , I treasured. It was of an innocent and loving time. A Pier 1 gift card from Rebecca, a TJMaxx card from Dawn and a 50 dollar giant eagle card from one of the customers at the kennel. Heartbroken about everything that CANNOT be replaced. I was an hour late to work making calls and dealing with the police. Do you have anyone you suspect could do this? Nope.  Funny though everyone that I talked to had ONE suspect in mind!! hahahah. Now that would be one hell of a trip to break my window and steal my stuff.
Anywho, work was wonderful. Really. I love my job. Hectic or dead, I have so much fun there with my life long friends.

I have a bunch of doggie biscuits to bake and deliver this Tuesday, and a few to ship out. Funny how THIS worked out. I was at one of my friends house yesterday and her husband is THE biggest motor head in Boardman. Well I took some of my new shortbread pupperoni cookies for Cooper and a few of John's friends were there. I left with 4 orders !!! AND one asked for my phone number. I apologized and said 'no, i'm allergic to men'!! so he asked for a card. hehehe. sneaky.
Ok I have to go clean the glass out of my car and protect my window as its supposed to rain tonight. I won't let my mom keep her car out, hers is much nicer than mine. I can take the beating better than she can.
Hope you all have an amazing night!!

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