Tuesday, August 28, 2012

5 Happy Things Everyday

  1. EVERYONE I have been selling biscuits to gives me a bag of tomatoes with my pay! I'll be making a delicious sauce this week!!
  2. Ahhhhhh. Dealing with the IRS again reminds me of UNHAPPIER days, but it makes me happy that I am not dealing with that drama anymore
  3. A bunch of the neighbors are going to the fair together, AND they invited me to go with them. I am happy that I was invited. BUT ... I have an ex date on the day they are going. I'd rather spend the time with him. 
  4. A weekend at home alone coming up in September!! My sis is taking my mom for an entire weekend!!
  5. Dog sitting this weekend for my niece (sydney) and my nephew ( rocky ). Spikey will have such a great weekend with his cousins!!!!!

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