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I PULLED OVER AND WEPT…my heart is breaking FOR HELP WITH YOUR ADDICTION PLEASE CALL 1-888-988-6843 Post 16.   500/500   5.4.16 bsddheroinnnn   A new generation is turning to synthetic drugs, which contain added chemicals, instead of the more natural high of a drug. Not only does it give a bigger high, but these synthetic drugs are cheap to make, which then makes them cheaper to buy. Tara Fitzgerald decided to take LSD one night and ended up dying to a stroke caused by the drug. The story has been told around the country in order to enlighten teens of the dangers of consuming a product with unknown ingredients.


 This new and ever evolving world of ours is evolving our children into the depths of Hell, and taking newborn/unborn children with them. As I watch from afar because she hates me, again, my niece 25 carry her third child while abusing heroin. 3rd Heroin baby she has had, this one has had no prenatal care and is due in July. My hands are tied. My heart is broken… I am 57 and in my lifetime, I have experimented with more than I care to admit. I think pot and speed were my favorite, but then I grew up. I had 4 step kids, I had 4 nieces, and I left all those things in my past. I never thought of taking anything, even drinking for most of my life! But that is me, and I have to say, Thank You Lord, for taking my hand and ‘growing me up’!! At 57, most all of my friends have left that lifestyle behind, but I have more than I care to think about that just can’t shake that drinking! That is celebrating, or having fun, or dare I say, an addiction? I am quite sure if I polled the people, NOT ONE would admit to being an alcoholic, but if I asked if they could go perhaps 3 months…or 3 weeks, without a drink, they might see what I and others see. You think its fitting in, or having fun, but ask your kids. You taught them to do it, yet they are still embarrassed by you. But my topic is not addiction, its heroin. Its meth, its bath salts, its death. Here are some sickening truths …
  • In 2011, 4.2 million Americans aged 12 or older (or 1.6 percent) had used heroin at least once in their lives. It is estimated that about 23 percent of individuals who use heroin become dependent on it.
  • Heroin can be injected, inhaled by snorting or sniffing, or smoked. All three routes of administration deliver the drug to the brain very rapidly, which contributes to its health risks and to its high risk for addiction, which is a chronic relapsing disease caused by changes in the brain and characterized by uncontrollable drug-seeking no matter the consequences.
  • Heroin overdoses frequently involve a suppression of breathing. This can affect the amount of oxygen that reaches the brain, a condition called hypoxia. Hypoxia can have short- and long-term psychological and neurological effects, including coma and permanent brain damage.
  • Most recently, 2014 has seen the highest number of drug overdose deaths on record, reaching nearly50,000 in a single year.4 Opioids – which may include both prescription pain relievers and heroin – have accounted for 61% of all drug overdose deaths in this same year.  ( )
  • Viral hepatitis is spread through contact with infected blood or body fluids such as semen and saliva. For this reason, injection drug users are at highest risk for contracting hepatitis B and C – both viruses of the liver. If left untreated, these viral infections may become chronic and eventually lead to death ( )
  • Shaking violently in a hospital crib, two tiny legs twitch and shudder uncontrollably.
  • Wailing, muscle clenching and gasping for breath accompany the disturbing fit-like seizure.
  • While for most newborns the first precious weeks of life are full of love, care and adoration, for babies born addicted to drugs their first weeks are long, agonizing and distressing as they battle neonatal abstinence syndrome.


 In other words, their precious, innocent lives begin with seizures, shaking, drug dependence and withdrawal. What loving mother does that to their child? Too many. [gallery ids="475,480" type="rectangular"] Today I was driving home from the grocery store, and I heard a news story on HLN xm. I pulled over to write down important things, such as Bath Salts- “Bath salts” is the name given to a family of drugs that have one or more man made chemicals related to cathinone. Cathinone is an amphetamine-like stimulant found naturally in the khat plant. Chemically, they are similar to other amphetamines such as methamphetamine and to MDMA (Ecstasy or Molly). Common manmade cathinones found in bath salts include 3,4-methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV), mephedrone (“Drone,” “Meph,” or “Meow Meow”), and methyl-one, but there are many others. Bath salts are usually white or brown crystal-like powder and are sold in small plastic or foil packages labeled “Not for Human Consumption.” Sometimes labeled as “plant food”—or, more recently, as “jewelry cleaner” or “phone screen cleaner”—they are sold online and in drug product stores. These names or descriptions have nothing to do with the product. It’s a way for the drug makers to avoid detection by the Drug Enforcement Administration or local police. [gallery ids="484,476" type="rectangular"] The man made cathinone products sold as “bath salts” should not be confused with Epsom salts (the original bath salts), which are made of a mineral mixture of magnesium and sulfate and are added to bathwater to help ease stress and relax muscles. Use of bath salts sometimes causes severe intoxication (a person seems very drunk or “out of it”) and dangerous health effects. There are also reports of people becoming psychotic (losing touch with reality) and violent. Although it is rare, there have been several cases where bath salts have been the direct cause of death. In addition, people who believe they are taking drugs such as MDMA (Molly or Ecstasy) may be getting bath salts instead. Methylone, a common chemical in bath salts, has been substituted for MDMA in capsules sold as Molly in some areas. Bath salts drug dangers and Side effects are some of the most dangerous with regards to the designer drugs. You know what is worse? You can buy synthetic drugs over the internet for around $30.00. they are not illegal to purchase because you can buy them under a label saying  “not intended for human consumption”. Thirty bucks. They are sold in China, and not illegal over there, so its that easy. I lost it today. I feel like I am watching my precious niece just kill herself. Not really watching because she won’t have any contact with me. I have written to her, begged her, threatened her… I don’t know where she is, or I would rat her out!! I don’t know why the people in her life have not done this. SHE NEEDS HELP! But yet no one who can locate her would do it. It’s a damn shame watching and worrying about every phone call that might be someone making ‘that call’.


 If you pray, I would ask that you would pray for her. I know God can work miracles! I know she knows Him. I know I know I know, but none of my knowledge, just bringing her before the Lord, can work for her now. I once read a meme that said “Don’t try and quit cold turkey. You have to re-learn how to live, how to function, how to deal with tough days and have hard consequences. You can’t learn these things if you ‘just quit’. It’s a process. It’s a new way of life. Its something new you must learn … again”. Dear Heavenly Father, I come to you bringing my niece, bringing her  to Your Feet, and praying Lord that You would intervene and grab a  hold of her. Put your loving arms around that little boy, and protect him from what he is going to be born into. Protect him from these drugs, alcohol, cigarettes… I beg of You Lord, to take her life into Your protection and do what is necessary for that baby to be taken to a doctor. To stop her from killing herself, her other 2 children and this precious unborn baby. I give her to You. I give all of our addicted family and friends to You, and ask that You would pull them from this Hell in a way that only You can do it. I give You my life, my heart and Lord, use me in any way that You need me to help. I ask that You hear everyone that is praying for her, and for the ones in their lives , and bless them, change them, love them. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

 Thank you if you joined me in prayer.
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