Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Wednesday. August 5, 2015

          Is it me, or do some days just seem to wrap their arms around you and hold you down? Last night was such a good night. Paul stayed over and we are both kind of getting used to sharing a bed, but not so successfully!! Must be me. Paul lived in the basement, prior to our divorce. Todd slept on the couch. JJ had to leave and now, hard as we try, sleeping together just isn’t coming to us very easily. Sure we fall asleep together, but somewhere around 3 am he gets up and heads to the couch. He is having some very serious spine trouble. It needs to be scraped, but getting an appointment is taking forever! Sept something is the first available opening. I guess at least we have those few hours. JJ had to be at home during the overnight, but shit,  I hated it because  that guy could fall asleep  with me in his arms! Letting go, was rough. Its okay.  I loved JJ and took care of his mom once in awhile, so I totally understood. Just sucks sometimes. JJ, he was a cuddle bear. Whoever is holding him at night now, is a very lucky woman. J    When I get to fall asleep in OUR home in HIS  arms in OUR bedroom… I too will be a very lucky woman.

          I am so hungry today. I am craving Handles and Brier Hill Pizza. BUT I have to have my A1C test done this week, so no yummies til the weekend. After church on Sunday I am heading to Strudders for a BHP all for myself. Okay, I’ll share with Pete. He loves it too. He is going to MISS ME~  We’ll have to meet at Brier Hill once a month to have lunch! Truth be told, I am going to miss him.  We sat on his porch the other night and just talked about his wife, and their adventures. I’ve heard the story 100 times, but I never get tired of hearing … it all started in the desert in Barstow CA. I hope the next person here cares for him as much as I do. J   My guardian angel!!

          I have 2  wedding this month and one next month. I bought everyone these amazing blankets. Oh man. My second hubs used to have one. They are king sized, suede-ish on one side, and wooly on the flip side. I just know they will love them.

          Well, I need to get my fat arse moving. I have  a big move to pack for and I really need to focus on that.

          I hope you have a fantastic day !! 

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